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Wood windows are a great option for your Fort Lauderdale window replacement project

There are few materials that provide an atmosphere like wood. One of the most traditional building materials, wood provides warmth and an upscale aesthetic that has lasted longer than any “fad’ material for window frame creation.

Ranging from rustic to a polished finish, as well as an almost infinite variety of stains, wood can be easily integrated into almost any interior design scheme.

Why choose wood for your window frames?

  • The look – Wood frames have an aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched.
  • Durability - These windows last for years and require little maintenance. Ordinarily, inspections reveal that all that is needed is the occasional restraining to ensure the frames continued use. In the future, instead of getting new windows, you can just sand and repaint the windows to bring them back to life or to match a new design.
  • Insulation - Wood is good at minimizing heat exchange so that your Fort Lauderdale home will stay warm in the colder seasons and cool during warmer ones. This can save you money on your energy bills, meaning that your new windows will eventually pay for themselves.

Call on Delta Builders Group for your wood window needs

Don’t take a chance on your windows; call the experts at Delta Builders Group to discuss the best window options for your Fort Lauderdale home or business and to have them professionally installed. Not only is it important to have your windows professionally installed so that you can be sure that the new windows insulate as well as possible, but it is also necessary to obtain the factory warranty.